Écrit par Gita

written 7 December 2010, @ Scap's Godmother's house at approx. midnight thirty


L.ust without borders

O.pening the mind developing

V.irtuous heartache in the best way.

E.volution of the mind body and soul


S.o many emotions, so much time spent on

C.reation and development of the self

A.nd as we watch each our own path intertwine together

P.recious energy absolutely unwasted togther


P.lease tell me we`ll grow old and never tired of

E.ach reaching towards and then outward

A.ccelerating to the speed of light and then slowing down

C.onscious of one another, the whole world and the ethreal.

E.xcellence depends on strength, of self and strength of love for those around us.


F.orget for one minute the past present and future

R.est your mind and embrace time, get lost in it`s flow and stand still.

E.verything around you is perfect, everything around me is perfect

E.very minute spent together is glorious triumph and proof that love

D.ominates the world.

O.m, shanti shanti

M.eet me in the middle and we can only ever go up.



true story happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

triple excess.